Lawn Treatments

Having a lawn that you love requires more than just mowing. A regular fertilization schedule makes a huge difference not only in the look of your lawn, but also promotes deep root growth, discourages pests, disease and weeds which can reduce the water needs of the plant and help it handle those hot summer temps better and improve overall growth. The first step in treating your lawn is to perform a soil test. A soil test will provide us with valuable information to tailor your lawn treatments going forward to make sure we are giving your lawn exactly what it needs.

Another service we offer is bio-stimulant soil treatment, we like to call it “getting your dirt right”. By introducing organic matter to the soil in the form of humic acid, sea kelp and other organic materials you are giving your grass the perfect environment to grow deep roots and helps with the uptake of other nutrients, making your fertilizer applications even more effective. Contact us for a quote today for your lawn in Lebanon, TN!