Keep Your Lawn Green with Up to 50% Less Water with Hydretain

Watering your lawn is a crucial step in keeping your lawn green and healthy throughout the growing season. With watering restrictions in some cities and the rising cost of water, there has to be a better way, introducing Hydretain. By using Hydretain you can keep that green lawn that you have grown to know and love with up to 50% less water. When water is applied through rainfall or irrigation, a huge percentage is never utilized by the plant. This is primarily due to the forces of gravity pulling moisture back to the aquifer and evaporation pulling moisture into the atmosphere. While we can do little about gravity, we can reduce evaporative loss. As soils dry down, water is depleted. As a result, only moisture vapor is left behind. Just as we can’t drink humidity out of the air around us, plants cannot use moisture vapor. Hydretain was engineered to attract the vapor. Then it collects it back into microscopic liquid droplets to sustain turf and plants between waterings. Hydretain is not just for lawns, you can also reduce watering in your landscape beds and gardens. Take a look at the results below and contact us today for an estimate to help you reduce your watering by up to 50%.

Plant on the left is untreated, plant on the right was treated with Hydretain

Very noticeable difference in the health of the turf when treated with Hydretain